Facilities Management Doncaster

for Bridon Bekaert Ropes Group

Facilities Management Doncaster

Project Brief

Located at BBTC, Balby Carr Bank, Doncaster, DN4 5JQ, Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group, Doncaster is the leading manufacturer of high-performance steel wire and synthetic ropes in the global marketplace. Their dedication to innovation and excellence required a workspace that supported worker productivity while reflecting their values.

Our most recent project with Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group Doncaster, which highlights our proficiency in office renovations and facilities management, demonstrates Premier Facilities Management’s pride in providing great workplace solutions. We were tasked with remodelling several spaces on their property, including four floors of office space, the boardroom, kitchens, and the installation of an accessible washroom. Our thorough approach and focus on the little things ensured the project was finished successfully and without any issues.

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Project Scope and Objectives

The project encompassed multiple areas, each requiring unique attention and expertise. The objectives were to create a modern and functional office space, upgrade the kitchen to meet their needs, enhance the washroom facilities, and refurbish the boardroom to accommodate their professional requirements.

Office Space Transformation

Premier Facilities Management undertook a thorough strategy to revitalise the office spaces, including new flooring installation, the supply and installation of modern office furniture, electrical installation, the replacement of ceiling tiles, and expert decoration.

The new layout encouraged a productive and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, fostering worker efficiency and satisfaction.

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Kitchen Upgrade

Recognising the importance of a well-equipped and inviting kitchen area, we provided Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group with a complete kitchen renovation. This involved replacing the flooring, installing new kitchen cabinets, installing a contemporary boiler system, installing chic splashbacks, and repainting the walls.

The renovated kitchen now acts as a gathering place for staff members, offering a cosy and practical area for breaks and meal preparation.

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Washroom Installation and Upgrade

The existing washrooms underwent a thorough renovation to improve their usability and appearance. Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group also recognised the importance of employee inclusion and instructed Premier FM to create space by utilising a little-used office area to install an accessible washroom within the Wire Mill plant.

Plumbing needs were taken care of by Premier Facilities Management, new sanitary ware was installed, tiling work was done, and the makeover was meticulously finished with decoration. The end product was a spotless, contemporary washroom that satisfied the highest requirements for comfort and hygienic conditions.

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Boardroom Fit-Out

The boardroom got particular attention since it is an important location for conferences and presentations, providing a welcoming area for staff and visitors. New flooring was installed, carefully chosen furniture that represents professionalism and comfort was chosen, and modern décor elements were all incorporated by Premier Facilities Management into a brand-new design concept.

The newly renovated boardroom creates the ideal environment for productive meetings.

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What Our Client Says?

“We value our partnership with Premier Facilities Management and are extremely pleased with the office transformation they delivered for us. Their thorough approach and attention to detail ensured the project was finished beyond our expectations. The recently refurbished office areas, boardroom, kitchen, and washrooms have created a contemporary and practical atmosphere, representing our commitment to innovation and excellence. We value Premier Facilities Management’s experience and dedication to providing excellent workplace solutions.”

Sue Carr – Management Assistant